Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blazing Saddlers

Good to see the lads getting their first win at Walsall last night. Well, I say "see" but I didn't see them because I didn't go - a previous engagement in the Head of Steam at Euston combined with a can't-be-arsed-to-go-to-Brum-during-the-week attitude meant I watched most of the action on the big screen in the pub.

The Head of Steam - or Doric Arch to give the place it's new name that I can't get used to - is well known to travelling DAFTS as a post-match venue after we've been to the likes of Barnet and Wycombe. Some decent beers (Taylors Landlord, York Centurion) amongst the guests plus the ubiquitous Fullers range and not the happiest bar staff in town but we're so used it, it's easier than going elsewhere.

I managed to spend about 20 mins having a beer with my old boss before realising that I was sitting next to an old chum from my Trust days - Brian Lomax - without recognising him. It has to be said that we're both a bit hairier since we last met - I don't know who was more surprised.

Brian was the first chair of Supporters Direct and was a major influence in getting the trust movement off the ground. He was also a huge help in setting up the Darlo Trust in what feels like a long, long time ago. He's now retired but is still involved in football. We need more people in football like him.

Later in the evening I met up with someone I'd never met before but had been in touch via his blog. He's a Darlington lad - not a follower of the Quakers but he can be forgiven as he does put his time to brewing some damn fine beer and is one of the Darlington Traditonal Brewing Group.

At the last Spring Thing festival in Darlo, he brewed a little number called Glasshouse Porter which was one of the best beers at the festival. He's promising another cracker for the Rhythm'n'Brews festival in Sept (clashing quite nicely with our home game against Accrington) so get down there and give it a try.

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