Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Here We Go Again...

The news that Darlington have gone into administration wasn't really a surprise to a lot of us fans - let's face it, the club have obviously been trading at a loss since we last came out of administration - I suppose we all hoped things would carry on regardless for just a bit longer and that George II would keep on subsiding the club.

There's already been a lot written about it on the messageboards and I'm sure there's a lot more to come - including conspiracy theories and idle speculation - and I suspect that as fans there's not a lot we can do this time round other than continue to do what we do, support the team.

The days of bucket shaking, raffles, fund-raising events and the like are gone - we had our fair share of charity from the general public as well the football brethren at large when we were last in administration - as a result I think a lot of Darlo fans feel helpless and unable to do even the smallest thing to help.

As I said to Howard when the news first came out, there's a small part of me that would like the club to be put out of it's misery so we can get on with our lives - leave behind the (sometimes) grim results, late postponements, extortionate entry prices and travelling chaos that often bedevils our match days.

However as readers of this blog will know, having a club like Darlo to follow means that in our own cynical way, we do have a lot of fun along the way and it's a great way, often the only way, to keep in touch with those fans we've know for years as well as those we've more recently connected with via DAFTS. I'm not ready for the club to die just yet, thank you!

That said, it's not difficult to see that it's going to be very hard for whoever comes along to make a going concern of Darlington FC - if someone does come in, let's hope they'll have a realistic view of our likely attendances and not expect them to buck the historical trend.

For now, we just need to enjoy what we have while we still can...

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