Monday, 3 August 2009

Aby Days Are Here Again

Following our trip down to Gillingham last month (and subsequent wander along to Rochester for some beer), Liz and I are finally in receipt of the latest additions to our household.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the brother and sister Abyssinian act, Devin and Perry...

Aren't they scrummy?

Devin - on the left and named after the Strapping Young Lad guitarist Devin Townsend - is the able-bodied member of the duo - and being the only male cat in the household, he's making early moves to be the boss and is starting to annoy longstanding cat-in-residence Emma.

However in a month or so he'll be off to the vets for you-know-what and we'll see if he's quite so cocky after that!

Perry - not named after anyone (but with a nod to Kathy Burke's character) is more a reaction against the current annoying use of "pear cider" - was born without her left front leg.

No one is sure exactly why this happened but it's proving to be just a minor handicap in her life as she hurtles around the house.

Choosing names is always a problem and early on we decided against any names involving anything to do with Darlo or Rotherham as that would have been too cruel - Quaker and Miller are not good names for animals and would seem to predispose them to a lifetime of misery.

Apologies in advance to those that know us and who we'll probably bore rigid over the coming months as we describe their latest antics. Normal service will be resumed eventually.


DJ said...

Good stuff this, Ted.

I've added your blog to my favourites.

Keep it up.

P.S. I still can't believe you're a cat-lover.

"Eddie Rowles" said...

Thanks mate.

Can't believe that a gentle soul like me likes cats? Very odd...