Friday, 3 February 2012

Punishing Myself (Again)

The home match against York promised to be a good game and to continue last weekend's theme - a big crowd, great atmosphere and plenty of positive coverage for Darlo and their fight for survival.

Unfortunately I'm not going to be there - I was supposed to be going but there was a late change of plans after Punishment of Luxury announced a London gig - and so Howard went in my stead.

I still managed a pre-match lunchtime session in the pub as I joined the London Millers in the Black Lion, Plaistow.  Like DAFTS, they use this pub before their games at Dagenham & Redbridge and it has a half decent choice of beer, the best being Stiff Upper Lip, a steady drinking pale ale from By The Horns, a fairly new brewery from North London.

As the Millers headed off for their game, I go home and spend an hour with Jeff Stelling before I wander off into town for the gig.  When I left home Darlo were 2-0 up so it was annoying to learn that we only got a draw.

I head off to the Angel in Islington and tonight's - the Electrowerkz - and pick up my ticket.  Bassist Jimi Giro is outside having a fag and I catch up on his exploits playing in a band in Dubai over the summer.

After pre-gig beers in the Harlequin, a lovely little pub but with a very average pint of Taylor's Landlord, I wander off for some superb fish and chips at Crown Fish and Chip bar on Chapel Market - really excellent quality and not that dear by London standards. Recommended!

Then time for the gig - when I arrive support band Dutch Order are playing goth-rock of a type that does nowt for me. I pop into the dressing room for a quick word with the band before they come out for their set.

Electrowerkz is a new venue for me, set in an old print works, and the sound is not the best I've heard (although I'm stood behind the speakers in my usual position at the front).  The lights are poor, far too much red light which is not good for photography so I stick to using my Flip and capture some live action for a change.

The good news from the band is that they've finished the recording of the new tracks for their forthcoming CD, 5 - so called as it has five tracks. They had hoped to have it ready to sell tonight but no such luck.

They played four of the new numbers and here is one of them. Yvonne:

The Flip doesn't capture the sound very well but you get the idea.

The rest of the set was similar to their last outing as we can see from the set-list (which also had little old me on there as I'm looking after their Facebook page).

The evening was actually a double-bill with Spizz Energi.  Spizz is best know for Where's Captain Kirk back in 1979.  I have the original single somewhere and I do like most of his stuff but I didn't hang around as I quite fancy an early night.  Not very rock and roll, eh?

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