Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hoopers mini-fest

Liz and I spent a very pleasant afternoon at Hoopers bar sampling the back end of their mini-beer festival in the company of John and Bev.

There were three beers still left from the festival menu - Vale Gravitas from the delightfully named Brill in Bucks plus a couple of brews from the Otley Brewery - 01 and Ogarden. A fourth pump had Harvey's Armada.

(above) Hoopers - picture taken last year before new comfy furniture installed!

I plumped initially for the 01 - quite pleasant but nothing outstanding - I much preferred the taste of the Ogarden and remained on that for the rest of the afternoon. Meanwhile John and Bev were more adventurous and tried the lot. Liz of course didn't try any...

The bar was formerly a pub called the Ivanhoe - a Barclay Perkins house - and was apparently a bit of a dive but landlord Jamie and his partner have worked very hard to make this pub a really pleasant place to visit - although they advertised sport on the TV for the afternoon, they didn't put it on since no one appeared to want to see it. Which was nice.

We had the sunday roast - very tasty - a bit more veg would have been nice and for a Tyke like myself, the Yorkshire pudding was a bit titchy.

On our previous visits to Hoopers - mainly afternoons - the place has never been packed which is a shame as pubs like this deserve to be supported.

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