Monday, 29 September 2008

It's A Mash Up!

I'd decided to give our game at Dean Court a miss and have a day of minimal travel - I'd still get my weekly dose of football as I would be joining the London Millers for their match at Dagenham & Redbridge.

This meant my entire day would be restricted to a small section of the District line - and a replacement bus service. Lovely!

To start the day, I met Chris Turner at Upton Park tube and we went to Duncans, a local pie and mash shop close to the station. I've walked past this place for many years but this was to be my first visit.

We've been visiting other pie and mash shops but these have tended to be some of the well-known shops in Deptford High Street run by Manzes and Goddards.

There was a basic choice of food - pie, mash and eels (jellied and stewed) - and I stuck to the tried and tested combination of pie, mash and liquor.

There was no way I'm having eels - I've seen others try them and I'm afraid I've not got the stomach for them.

The pie was excellent - nice crust and a solid filling of mince - probably the best I've had in my relatively limited experience of pie and mash shops.

The liquor was also one of the best I've had - I'm not a big fan of parsley but this sauce was lovely.

For more details on pie and mash outlets in London, visit the Pie and Mash club.

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