Monday, 13 October 2008

Hats off to Blundell

It's a few years now since we were last at Kenilworth Road so on leaving the pub we followed the crowd - as we came towards Sainsburys I was getting worried that we'd end up doing a weekly shop but we soon got our bearings.

(left) Kenilworth Road cheek by jowl with local houses

We made our way down the alley to the Oak Road Stand where the away fans are housed - we'd expected a stiff admission price but £22!

And then £3 for a programme and £3 for a pie? Pity the poor home fans who have to pay these prices for every home game.

These are certainly the dearest admission prices I've come across this season - in stark contract to Dagenham which was £16 on the day (and £14 in advance)

It later transpired that there had been advance £20 tickets available from the ticket office at Darlo but due to minimal publicity very few people knew about them and only 32 were sold.

I love the fact that houses and gardens are tucked in right behind the away end - seems very quaint though I'm not sure the local residents feel that way.

If you're anything over five feet tall, then you'll find the away seating a tad tight. I'm not the tallest person in the world but there was no room to stretch my little legs.

However one of the advantages of the more traditional ground is proximity to the pitch - so much closer than my perch up in the south stand. It allowed John Wilson full rein to continue his abuse of Luton keeper, Conrad Logan, carrying on from where he left off after last season's game at Saltergate (and before that a prolonged tirade at Boston).

The game itself was quite a tight affair - both teams going for it - and it struck me that Luton were always keen to get the ball back into play and go for goal.

In the last 15 minutes of so, Darlo upped the pressure - a wonderful run from Rob Purdie saw his shot clip the bar and Hatch went close with a header.

And just as we seem destined for a draw, Kennedy pushed the ball to Blundell and the Scouser whipped it into the net.

There were still a few anxious moments but we rode our luck and although Luton didn't deserve to lose, I felt we deserved three points for the way we played.

There has been talk of a new 20,000 seater stadium close to the M1 for the Hatters but it seems that there is no firm plans in place. It may be lacking some TLC but Kenilworth Road has a great atmosphere and I for one would like to see the club remain in Luton and not end up like Oxford, stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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