Tuesday, 21 October 2008

High-Ho to Wycombe

Breakfast was taken in the relative tranquil environs of Marylebone station - well, tranquil compared to Kings Cross anyway. Hidden away from the main Edgware Road, this small station is more more relaxed than the larger London termini.

I met my photographer chum and Wycombe fan, Paul, for breakfast at Gino's Coffee Bar just outside the station - quite a nice little place but I was rather dischuffed to find they'd forgotten my black pudding. Not a good start...
On arrival at High Wycombe, I head for the Belle Vue which has been our pub of choice for many seasons now.

Lance arrived just before the doors opened at noon - he said he wasn't coming today but he bought some tickets after he'd come back home all beered up!

The pub is handy for the station but is not on the right side of town for the football ground. Perhaps that's why it appeals to us.

A decent choice of four ales are on offer - Everards Equinox, Old Hooky from Hook Norton, Jennings Cocker Hoop and Wychcraft from the Wychwood Brewery.

Not as many DAFTS on parade today as were at Luton for our last game - John Bell has come over from Chester, Paul Brown has driven up from Guildford and Tony G is down for the weekend from Durham.

It's not long before we start to have a heated debate about why Lance can go without a fag in the pub for 90 mins but can't manage that at football. Given his jinx-type tendencies, I think it best if we just keep him in the pub.

As we leave Lance in the pub with his final pint before he returns to Brum, we trust to Paul's GPS to get us to Adams Park.

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