Monday, 13 October 2008

Off to Beds

It was nice to be back in the saddle again - last Saturday saw me miss the home game against Shrewsbury in order to see the mighty Killing Joke at the London Forum - not the best gig of theirs that I've seen but still well worth missing the game for.

Tony was coming south for this game so I meet up with him at King's Cross - and then about 15 mins later his Dad also arrived.

We took a stroll along towards Euston, heading in the direction of Eversholt Street and one of my favourite breakfasteries, the Double Six Cafe.

The cafe is very close to Transformation, a shop where the man who fancies the most severe of life-style changes can get himself some new breasts. I'd suggest the food at the Double Six would soon have the same affect...

I went for No 2 plus additional portions of black pudding and chips - a proper weekend blowout that really hit the spot.

Tony made the point that he'd never come across breakfasts with chips until he'd seen them in London. The same for me too but once you've been bitten by the breakfast chip bug, they're hard to resist when they're as crisp and golden as these little beauties.

Having about 40 mins to spare before catching our train to Befordshire, we had a quick shufti around the British Library - Ray was interested to see where his tax were being spent on we southerners! Very impressive it was too...

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