Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Late Sickener

Wycombe is a really friendly club and were recognised as such when they awarded the accolade of being the League Two Family Club of the Year.

Denvil and his colleagues on reception epitomise this as they can't do enough as they escort me to the press room at the side of the tunnel so that I can sign in.

Declining a cuppa, I head straight out onto the pitch just a few minutes before kick off.

As I setup my gear I notice the Gloryhunter - resplendent in a brand new Darlo shirt - is coming along the touchline towards the away end. For some reason he eats a blade of grass - they're a bit odd these southerners.!

One of the nice things about Adams Park is that if the football is a bit ropey, I can watch the kites as they soar over the ground - a wonderful site for elderly ornithologists like me.

Today though the skies went unwatched as Darlo were on top form and were constantly taking the game to the Chairboys. Despite some smart play, it remained 0-0 at half-time.

During the break, I have a quick chat with the Gloryhunter who was unimpressed with the jobsworth stewards making a fuss when he dares to film in front of the away stand - get used to it, mate!

The second half sees Darlo continue to apply pressure - Wycombe looking nothing like a table-topping side - and we're rewarded after a sweet finish from Ginger Geezer, Jason Kennedy.

To add to the excitement, each side had a player sent off - Tim Ryan for us who really should know better. A Wycombe player also takes an early bath, apparently for hitting his own player. Now that IS stupid!

As the 90th minute approaches we look as if we'd keep Wycombe at bay but the announcement of six minutes of additional time gives the opposition hope. Hatch loses possession and carrot-top Harrold is felled by Foster as he looses his footing in the box - something Harrold is prone to do according to some Wycombe fans. No matter - the tackle was unfortunate and we pay the price.

After the game both sets of players warm down - the Darlo players look as if we've lost - I'm sure we'd have been happy with a point before the game but this was a true sickener.

(left) Obligatory shot of a floodlight - very autumnal

Once Paul has completed his photographic duties we head back to London and a pint in the Doric Arch. Onlywe don't as it's closed so we take refuge in the Euston Flyer.

The place is full of smug Arsenal fans (are there any other type?) and crap loud music.

As ever it's been an enjoyable day but it could have been so, so much better.

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